Can an app get more people to visit your restaurant? It’s highly likely that it can—that’s why an increasing number of restaurants have invested in iPhone and Android application development to create their own apps.

What An App Can Do For You

Your own restaurant app will probably not attract many new customers—few people will search for your app before deciding to eat at your restaurant. But what iPhone application development can do for you is keep your previous customers coming back. More return visits can significantly boost your overall revenue.

Before you invest in Android app development, use your mobile device to review apps from other restaurants. You’ll find that all of the good apps provide more information than just the menu.

What’s In A Good Restaurant App

Since most customers will only learn about your app when they see its QR code on your menu or on your placemat, you will want your iPhone application development contractor to focus on increasing return visits. For example:

  • The app should feature a coupon or discounts section. If your restaurant has a slow night every week, this is your opportunity to offer a special deal on that night to attract extra customers.
  • Does your restaurant have special events, such as a band night or a romantic night? Make sure you get your Android application development firm to build an events calendar into your app.
  • Online reservations are huge with younger customers who rarely use their mobile devices as traditional phones any more. An app-based reservation system can not only capture reservation information without taking up any of your staff’s time, but it can also remind the customer about their reservation using device notifications to decrease the number of missed reservations.

Building A Digital Menu That Wows Customers

Of course, you can also put a menu in your app, but this is something which you and your iPhone application development firm can experiment with. Unlike paper menus, digital menus can be changed frequently and can include unlimited multimedia at practically no extra cost.

Your app can include a traditional menu with a list of items. But it can also include a photo of every dish on your menu. For a bit of flare, you can include short videos which show your chef preparing today’s specials.

Your Android application development firm can integrate social media into your app to let your customers tweet or post to Facebook what they order and see what other customers said they ordered. Be sure your app includes photos from your menu when possible as customers post to social media—nothing is more likely to drive new customers to your restaurant than seeing mouth-watering photos of delicious food.

Reminding Customers That You Exist

Although a great app can significantly increase the frequently of customer visits, even a mediocre app is better than just a website. Left to themselves, your customers will forget about you and your website. But if they install your app on their device, every time they scroll through their app list, they’ll see your app and think of eating.

So even if you don’t have the budget to develop a killer restaurant app, do consider getting a starter app built by an iPhone or Android application development firm just to get your app on your customers’ app lists.